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  • Talys Subs substitute calling application maintains a database of teachers and substitutes, with certification information.
  • Direct access to substitute information by anyone with appropriate security clearance, access to the Internet and a browser such as Netscape, Internet Explorer or AOL.
  • Both teachers and substitutes can mark themselves as being unavailable on any given day directly via the Internet or by leaving a message with the designated sub caller.
  • Using a list of qualified subs provided by the system, speeds the sub calling process substantially.
  • District staff can access a list of absent teachers and assigned subs using an Internet browser.
  • All information is available in real time.
  • Application systems can be customized to meet your unique district needs.
  • School maintains complete control.

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Talys Systems, Inc. 8136 Creekview Dr. Bridgeport, NY 13030 Phone: (315) 633-9206 Fax (315) 633-9206
E-Mail: sales@talys.com
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